Racial Justice Sunday 2018 - Belonging: All are Welcome

09/01/2018 4:00 pm

On this day Catholics are called to pray for those who experience unjust discrimination or are marginalised because of their race and ethnicity. We think in particular of those who feel they do not belong within our society or our communities because of this discrimination.

As Catholics we are asked to treat all humans with dignity, regardless of their background or circumstance. There are many stories of alienation throughout the Bible, with clear calls to “Love the stranger”. That the Church is a place where all belong is clearly seen in the recent Feast of Epiphany, when Christ is revealed not only to the Israelites, but to all of God’s people.

All the money raised will go towards supporting the Church’s work on racial justice issues. The theme this year is “Belonging”, emphasising that we are called not only to ensure our parishes welcome newcomers, strangers, and those from different backgrounds, but also that all people will know they will find a welcome in our parishes.