Luke In Lent - Luke 19:28-48

01/04/2019 9:35 am

Today's podcast for 'Reading Luke in Lent' looks at Luke, Chapter 19:28-48.

Jesus has prophesied his passion, death and resurrection three times in Luke’s Gospel. Now the begins the realisation of the prophecy. There is a lot of details in these passages. Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem is steeped in images of kingship from the Old Testament. His detailed preparations are about the fulfilment of these prophecies and how the people (no longer just a crowd) receive him. This marks a turning point in the narrative. One of the turns is that this is the last we hear of the Pharisees whose grumbling and questions have accompanied Jesus on the road. Now his adversaries will be the chief priests.
The gospel works on a number of time-frames. As Jesus weeps over Jerusalem he is lamenting a city which will reject his message of peace in the coming days. Luke is writing the gospel after the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple by the Romans in 70ad and so Jesus’ words are also looking forward to that event.

'Reading Luke in Lent' is a series of simple podcasts for the Lenten season offering a daily reading from St Luke - covering the Gospel from start to finish - from Ash Wednesday to the first week of Easter.


Download the text for the reading here: Luke 19:28-48 50.86 kB


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