Lent: Week Six

We arrive at Palm Sunday and conclude our maritime-themed podcasts. For the final time we join Fr Colum Kelly on board the vessel we've called home for the l...Read more


Lent: Week Five

Our maritime-themed podcast for the fifth week of Lent sees Apostleship of the Sea port chaplain Fr Colum Kelly considering the gospel story of Jesus raising...Read more


Lent: Week Four

We're at the halfway point in our Lenten journey and we've been out at sea with port chaplain Fr Column Kelly for three long weeks. Things are happening all...Read more


Lent: Week Three

For the third week of Lent, we join Fr Colum Kelly out at sea, tired after a particularly difficult night watch. Our reflection focuses on the Gospel of John...Read more


Lent: Week Two

As we head towards the Second Sunday of Lent, port chaplain Fr Colum Kelly continues to lead 'Our Lenten Voyage'. We're currently anchored offshore and our s...Read more


Lent: Week One

For this year's Lenten audio series, we've teamed up with Apostleship of the Sea, the bishops' agency that looks after the practical and pastoral care of sea...Read more