CTS Resources

14/09/2016 12:00 pm

A series of links to resources from the Catholic Truth Society to support PROCLAIM. 


Workshop focuses on introducing people to prayer and giving them practical tips on how to start and how to avoid common pitfalls

How to Pray(LF11) 

Simple Prayer Book (D665) 

Conversational Prayer (D728) 

A New Companion to Prayer(SP32) 

YouCat Prayer Book (D760) 

The Jesus Prayer (DO887) 

Vision and strategy

Workshop focuses on creating a vision before launching parish evangelisation initiatives.

Evangelii Gaudium (DO888) 

The Call to Evangelise (D784) 

The New Evangelisation (DO884) 

The Joy of the Gospel (DO896) 

Parish Teams

Workshop focuses on parish leaders learning to discern team members to join evangelisation initiatives.

Discerning God’s Will (CD47) 

Praying with Jesus (DO868) 

Evangelii Gaudium (DO888) 

The Call to Evangelise(D784) 

Novena to the Holy Spirit (D678) 


Workshop focuses on bringing fallen away Catholics back to the faith and to mass.

Reasons to Believe (EX45) 

Apologia (EV5) 

Why go to Mass? (Do639) 

25 Tough Questions on the Catholic Faith (DO798) 

What is the Church (DO889)

7 Reasons to be Catholic (CD41)

Thinking of Becoming a Catholic? (DO751)

The Catholic Faith in 25 Days (DO907)

Conversational Prayer (D728)

The Sacraments (DO892)

The Beauty of Confession with Pope Francis (DO918) 

Ways of Forgiveness (D556) 

Five Loaves and Two Fish (B722) 

Is Jesus Really Present in the Eucharist? (DO727) 

What Happens at Mass? (LF3) 

Why should I go to Mass on Sunday? (LF5) 


Workshop focuses on helping people feel more comfortable with sharing everyday testimonies and teaching them how to discern good moments to share their faith.

The Call to Evangelise (D784) 

Everyday Evangelising with Pope Francis (DO903) 

Reasons to Believe (EX45) 

Father Damien (B726) 

Josephine Bakhita (B667) 

Jerzy Popieluszko (B654) 

Maria Goretti (B398) 

Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan (B721) 

Why a Protestant Pastor Became a Catholic (CD38) 


Workshop focuses on helping parishes become a family friendly environment and helping parishes understand the importance of the family in the Church.

Pope Francis & the Family (DO912) 

Facing Difficulties in the Christian Family Life (PA21) 

Faith in the Family (PA18) 

Louis and Zelie Martin (B709) 

Effective Parenting (PA19) 

Being a Parent Today (PA16) 

Passing on Faith to Your Children (PA6) 

Role of a Christian Father (PA11) 

Role of a Christian Mother (PA12) 

Marriage: God's Design for Life and Love (DV54) 

Marriage and Family - Love Unveiled (CD11) 

How to Apply our Faith to our Families (CD13) 

Prayer Experiences

Workshop focuses on how people can share prayer experiences towards evangelisation.

Do You Love Me? (D786) 

Our Lady and the New Evangelisation (SP44) 

Thérèse – Teacher of Prayer (D693) 

Thoughts on Prayer (D764) 

New Companion to Prayer (SP32) 


Workshop focuses on how parishes can encounter non-Catholics and encourage them question and become curious about the faith.

25 Tough Questions on the Catholic Faith (Do798) 

Christianity (DO859) 

Reasons to Believe (EX45) 

Seven Reasons to be Catholic (CD41) 

The Why? Course DVD (EV8) 

The Why? Course Book (EV7) 

Answering Atheism (CD42) 

20 Answers: Abortion (C295) 

20 Answers: Atheism (C291) 

20 Answers: End of Life Issues (C294) 

20 Answers: Faith and Science (C293) 

20 Answers: The Real Jesus (C292) 

20 Answers: Jehovah's Witnesses (C298) 

20 Answers: Mary (C299) 

20 Answers: Scripture and Tradition (C297) 

20 Answers: The Papacy (C296) 

Finding Peace with Jesus (D690) 

How to Enter Heaven (EX53) 

A-Z of Spiritual Living (SP48) 


Workshop focuses on how to share the stories of the Gospels to non-believers in everyday situations as an evangelisation tool.

The Gospel According to Luke (SC119) 

Gospels of Mercy (SC118) 

The Joy of the Gospel (DO896) 

Meet Jesus with Pope Francis (DO900) 

20 Answers: The Real Jesus (C292) 


Workshop focuses on encouraging parishes to understand Catholic social teachings about reaching out to the poor and incorporating that mission into parish life.

Dorothy Day (B705) 

Vincent de Paul (B701) 

Mother Teresa (B672) 

Mercy Works (PA25) 

Corporal Works of Mercy (SP45) 

Catholic Social Teaching (DO675) 

DOCAT (DO925) 


Workshop focuses on encouraging teenagers and young adults to make their faith their own.

YOUCAT Prayer Book (D760) 

YOUCAT Confirmation Book (DO894) 

A Way of Life for Young Catholics (DO774) 

Tweeting with God (0158) 

Pure Manhood (PA22) 

Pure Womanhood (PA23) 

Christian Love (DO873) 

True Love – Passion & Purity (SP24) 

Credo (EV4) 

How to Discover your Vocation (PA13) 

Mercy Works (PA25)