Prayer and Vigils


Prayer Evenings - Booklet

prayer-evenings-bklt-proc15.pdf 829.95 kB

‘Evening of Prayer' materials for Proclaim '15. The evenings of prayer are scheduled to take place on 11 July - the same day as the National Catholic Evangelisation Conference in Birmingham.


Holy Hour - Easy Print

holy-hour-11-jul-proc15.doc 63.50 kB

Hymns, Prayers, Psalms, Litany of the Evangelising Saints for Holy Hour on 11 July 2015 - the same day as the Proclaim '15 National Evangelisation Conference.


Prayer of the Faithful - Before Proclaim

prayer-faithful-pre-proc15.doc 24.00 kB

Two suggested bidding prayers to include in the Prayer of the Faithful each weekend from the Solemnity of Pentecost (23/24 May) until the weekend before the Proclaim '15 Conference (4/5 July).


Prayer of the Faithful - 11/12 July

prayer-faithful-wkd-proc15.doc 26.50 kB

Suggested bidding prayers for Proclaim '15 drawing on the Liturgy of the Word for the Sunday Mass of 11/12 July 2015.